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Printing 101 – What are the most common sizes for banners – FAQ


One question we get all the time is, What are the most comon banner sizes? That is a tough question to answer since everything we full color print is custom and there are a variety of uses. We put together this question and answer guide to help you decide what material and size is the best.  We also answer some other common banner questions.

1. Will you be using this baner indoor or outdoor? High wind area?

Banners come in two main types of mateiral. The normal 13oz Matte banner is the most common and cost effective. This banner is durable and  will last you for a long time. For anything not in a high wind area choose 13oz. If you are ordering a larger banner you should consider mesh material. It comes usually 8oz to 10oz and is much lighter then 13oz. It also has little tiny holes that allow air to pass through. We do not recommend cutting windslits as it will cause your banner to rip and tear faster over time.

Sample of mesh banner and close up.

2. What size should I get?

That will really depend on what inforamtion you are putting on the banner. Size will also have to be porportionate to your logo if you are adding that as well. If we were to put a small 3′ x 3′ square logo in the middle of a 10′ x 4′ that would leave way to much extra space.

Here is an illustration showing the most common 3′ x 4′ high banners. You can see here that depending on the size of the logo and information you are putting on it will reflect what size you need. We always recommend leaving a little negative space around your main logo. This will allow the eye to focus more on your logo vs the edge of the banner. The edge now becomes the frame and your logo is highlighted inside that box.

3. How do I care for my banner?

We always tell our customers “ROLL IT, NEVER FOLD IT!” if you do this your banner will last much longer. When you fold the banner it creates creases and will cause it to crack over time.

4. How long does it take to get a banner printed?

If you have a print ready file you can upload it directly here: turn around is normally 2 days unless its a really large banner. Large banners generally take one extra day and can be ready for pick up in about 3 normall business days.

5. What finishing options do you offer for banners?

Hem and Grommets is the most common finishing option and comes included with every banner. We double stich sew the edges to make sure your banner lasts for years to come. For an additional cost we can sew in rope, pole pockets, D-Rings, webbing, Reinforced corners. Velcro is most used for tables and large trade show structures. Reinforced corners help make a large banner stronger. 1″ webbing sewn into the eges also helps with larger banners, some clients add it to mesh banners as well. Rope can be added for special occasions and unique hanging solutions. With the normal hem and grommets most people will use rope or bungie cords to hang, if you want to hang it on a building you can simply use screws and washers over the grommets to secure.

6. How to setup artwork files for pole pockets?

Your submitted graphic should fit the dimensions of the print you ordered. There is no additional bleed required. There will be a hemline across the graphic, it will be 2″, 3″, or 4″ from the edge of the graphic depending on what sized pole pocket you order.

Hope this article helps with your decision. As always feel free to call or email us with any questions. Are knowledgable staff is here and happy to help you with your next marketing project. If you need help with a layout we have a full design team on staff as well.


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By: Chris Draper

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