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Printing 101 – Typography and Font Choices- FAQ

What type of font should I use for my design? We have some tips and tricks to help you decide what fonts look best for your banner or sign design. Did you know different colors can evoke different emotions in the brain? Some bright colors make people feel more happy same as certain dark colors can make people feel sad. Why do we automatically wear black at funerals and white for weddings? Have you ever noticed that the majority of fast food places have red or yellow in them?


How far away are potential customers seeing this? 

Here is a an example we recently made¬†20′ x 4′ banner for a fence that people are seeing from the free way. We created a simple bold font that could be viewed very easily from a distance. On a 4′ tall banner the letters were about 44″ tall using most of the space in the banner but leaving a little negative space to help with the eyes. This banner can be seen from really far away. In another article we will cover the easiest colors to see and use. If you are making a smaller banner or sign that will be seen up close a more elegant or thinner font would be better.


Here is a infographic:



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By: Chris Draper

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